What We Do

Amiee’s Place is a non-profit foundation that raises funds which go directly to young adults battling life threatening illness and their caregivers.  Financial contributions assist young adults in need with groceries, medical expenses, child care and school costs, travel for treatment, auto, rent and mortgage payments, just to name a few. 

A valuable part of what Amiee’s Place does is help give young adults fighting for their lives much needed quality of life gifts.  These simple things, everything from having someone sent to the hospital to have a patient’s nails done, to the gift of music software so a patient can record music for himself and his parents, your gift goes to the things that matter most!

You have the option to assist an individual with their specific need, or to make a tax deductible donation that goes toward providing emergency support for medical and personal expenses.  The satisfaction you get from directly helping a real person with a critical need in your community is priceless!

Your action now will change lives forever!

The many financial responsibilities that follow the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Amiee’s Place also offers financial assistance after the death of a young adult child, brother, sister or parent so their family can begin to rebuild their lives. Amiee’s Place has a special place in our hearts for families after a loss!