About Us

Amiee’s Place was founded when our 20 year old daughter Amiee, a childhood cancer survivor, was diagnosed with terminal angiosarcoma. She was a part-time college student and part time employee, just getting started with her adult life.

We soon realized the dramatic difference in care and lack of services available to her because she was over 18. Living away from home, she was not covered by our insurance and the mounting bills for her care immediately began to impact her and our family. We spent the next three years fighting alongside Amiee, trying to find resources that would allow her to receive the care she needed and the quality of life she longed for.  For the final two years, we retired from our professional careers to dedicate ourselves to full time research and round the clock care for her.

She was turned down time after time for assistance by foundations collecting millions and millions of dollars but did not provide any support to the individuals in need. As we concentrated our efforts on building a network of doctors, social workers and hospice providers, we learned that Amiee was not alone. We met young adults and their amazing families from around the United States who were dramatically underserved just like Amiee. 

Cancer strikes when you least expect it and leaves the young adult at tremendous risk for bankruptcy, homelessness, and a lack of medically necessary treatments due to the financial devastation of potentially terminal illness.

At Amiee’s Place we know that Action now changes lives forever!